Swimming Safety Tips for Parents & Kids

Swimming is an enjoyable activity. Especially for kids, going for a swim means loads and loads of fun – splashing, jumping, screaming, soaking, swimming underwater, and resurfacing with fanfare. It isn’t more complicated than that. However, as much as it’s fun, swimming is also risky. If not careful, kids, and sometimes even adults may drown. Let’s look at swimming safety tips for parents and kids.

Parents, Supervise Your Kids When Swimming

If you have kids swimming in the water, never divert your attention elsewhere. One major problem with parents of nowadays is that they take their kids for a swim, show them a shallow area where they’ll swim, go back to their seats, and sink into their phones. That is very dangerous. Never allow anything to distract you, and those kids in the water should be the only thing in your mind. Just an inch of water can drown small children; have your kids supervised at all times.

Teach Your Kids About Swimming Safety

One excellent thing you can do for your kids is educating them about swimming safety. These lessons can go a long way to help them even when they become adults. For instance, you can teach them float, tread water, and the importance of staying close to the shore always. Educate them about the differences between swimming in a pool and at the beach. They should know that different swimming areas have uneven surfaces, and they should tread with care.

Relying on Swimming Aids is Risky

Noodles, water wings, floaties, and innertubes are fun for kids to use while in the water. However, these are just toys, and you should rely on them to keep your kids afloat. For safety, always get them a personal floatation device as instructed by the Coast Guard.

Other tips to keep in mind:

  • Swimming pools should be fenced
  • Learning CPR is vital just in case of any emergencies
  • Kids should never swim during bad weather
  • Before letting your kids into a water body, figure out how deep it is
  • Letting your kids swim in rivers is dangerous and should be avoided

These are some of the best swimming safety tips for parents and kids. Keep them in mind, and you’ll reduce the chances of an accident – read article on what is pool safety.